Saddleback College Reveals its New Mascot.... and It Is a....


Now that we know the mascot is a bobcat, what will the logo be? This is stock-art only sample.

Mountain Lions, Bobcats or Rattlers; All are regulars in the hills of South Orange County, but only one made it the finalists as the Saddleback College new mascot.

Bobcats is the name moving forward at Saddleback College as the team announced last month without much fanfare and a YouTube post.  Earlier this year the team announced the intended change.  In university press release,  Dr. Elliot Stern, President of Saddleback College, stated, “The controversy surrounding the mascot goes back many years. The hundreds of students and employees who signed the petition and spoke in our forums last year were not the first to decry the Gaucho as a symbol that caused embarrassment and pain, and share concern that it is not representative of a campus that prides itself on being inclusive and welcoming to all.”


Green Bay Packer fans however may be sad to not see the familiar "G" on car decals and football helmets anymore as the "G" is retired along with the outdated name, "Gaucho". 

Former logo of Saddleback College sports.
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