Orange County is a longtime Hot Spot for UAPs (Get ready for more UFO Hype this summer)


Get Ready for more Summer 2021 UFO/UAP News (Adobe licensed graphic)

By the end of June this year, the public will have updated information on the UFO/UAP increased sightings about to be made official.

Today, Pentagon spokeswoman, Sue Gough, said the Pentagon’s UAP task force is “actively working with the Office of the Director of National Intelligence on the report, and DNI will provide the findings to Congress.”  In general terms, there are unexplained and "Unidentified Aerial Phenomena" captured on legitimate film by US military and US intelligence, and the forthcoming report will likely address that there's no evidence of metaphorical 'little-green-men' however continued press leaks reinforce that the USA does not have answers. 

Photo, US Navy released video screenshot

Simply put, prepare for more UFO news by the 4th of July, even if it is inconclusive. Odds are, either private enterprise and/or another country has advanced tech that has the Navy, NASA and the Air Force scratching its head.

In the meantime; it's no coincidence high density populated coastal areas in proximity of major USA bases have more reported sightings, both officially and unofficially.  

"The SpaceX Satellites", launched into space by SpaceX,  courtesy Elon Musk have been seen and reported across social media, as they resemble a long trail of moving lights through night sky, garnering UFO and UAP neighborhood social board postings and chatter.

We decided to scan popular site UFO stalker to see that California's reported incidents are up nearly 40% over the previous week. Diagram of Southern California documented reports

In this recent video, a user of submitted an Irvine phenomenon on May 25th, 2021. 

The user's comments  from Irvine added:

"At 2:35pm on 5/25/2021, I was driving home with my son when we noticed a pink cloud in the sky. given that pink clouds are usually only visible at sunset, and it was only roughly 2:30pm, we thought it was odd.

I pulled over and both my son and i took photos/video of the cloud. it wasn't until later that same evening, after reviewing the footage we had taken, did we notice the other unidentified objects and formations. In the top left corner of the footage, there is a small white dot with a tail and a few seconds later, that same dot turned into a bright ball of light with a long vortex looking tail. Then, a few seconds later, you can see two small white objects near the same area, both with tail streaks.


"Toward the top right side of the screen, about 10 seconds in, there is a very hard to see white object that comes straight down from the top of the screen and then turns right and off the camera. the very last section of footage, you can see the largest white object enter the screen. the object moved across a section of the sky in around 1/10th of a second, likely why I had not seen it at the time it was filmed."

In another user report on April 5, in Laguna Niguel, a user reported this above South OC:

"It came into my vision from from the NW as i was facing N.  It appeared to be a bright shooting star that was slowing down rapidly. It started to separate into 3 pieces then quickly grew in size and came together. Then I realized they had not grown in size they had came straight at me. 

They stopped about a quarter mile in front of me at about 500 ft elevation. It rotated clockwise and I could see the top 2/3 of the craft which was metallic silver on top half and red on the bottom half as far as i could make out because the bottom third of the craft was obscured by the bright star like glow that was the shooting star that i had first seen. As soon as it uprighted itself it accelerated incredibly fast in the same direction that it was originally on from my point of view until it was out sight from my location. 

I would estimate 0-1000 + mph in under a second. This all took about 3 seconds from start to finish. There was nothing blocking my line of sight and I was standing in a driveway between two sets of garages that are detached from the condominiums in buildings that have 6 double car doors each side."

Decide for yourself, and do your homework this month. Just in case you might want to stock up on a Reese's Pieces. 

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