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The Fourth Trimester and Pelvic Floor PT By: Dr. Rebecca Gasca, PT, DPT

The fourth trimester. The first 3 months after the birth of a child. New mothers are often consumed by their new baby and nothing else matters in the world, as you would and should expect. It is vital to check in on the newborn to ensure their health and development in their first few months out of the womb. However, what also tends to happen is that health care providers, such as the OB-GYN, and even the woman herself forgets to attend to the health of the postpartum body. During this time the abdomen, pelvic floor, and vaginal canal are all healing. While it is normal to experience some after effects of labor/delivery, there are some occurrences that happen that are absolutely not normal. It is the mission of pelvic floor PT specialists, myself included, to spread the word. Let’s remove the taboo and talk openly about what really happens after childbirth and what you can do to fix it.
The Fourth Trimester and Pelvic Floor PT By: Dr. Rebecca Gasca, PT, DPT